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 VSQ3010 Series

VSQ 3000 Diagram Layout

A high-end PC-Based queue system that is designed for corporate / hospital use of up to 20 departments. It comes with powerful queue features including priority calling, sent out SMS on queue notification and web-based real-time queue status monitoring which helps the management to identify the peak hours, plan for corrective actions, hence improving the overall Key Performance Index (KPI). The system provide plentiful of accurate and meaningful statistical & graphical reports, it is a network ready system and one can access to all the system features by plugging it to your network.

Who to buy?

  • Customer who has up to 20 Departments, 32 services and 60 rooms/counters
  • Customer who practices Priority Serving
  • Customer who needs web-based Real-time Queue Monitoring features
  • Customer who wants to increase staff productivity by relying on the system's Serving & Waiting Time reminder
  • Organization which appreciate a wide variety of reports that are accessible anywhere within the network
  • Health Institute which wants to provide value added service to their patients. Queue notification SMS.

System Functionality

  • Sequential Call
    Call customer by pressing the keypad, then start serving customer. Upon finish serving, press on the keypad again to end the transaction. Repeat the process to call the next customer (The calling number will automatically increment by 1).
  • Recall
    Repeat calling your customer if he/she does not respond or unaware of the process. Try to practice this a few times before proceed to next number. Unlimited times of recall are allowed.
  • Random call
    Calling customer by pressing a number from keypad. This is particularly useful if you would like your customer to jump queue. However random call can only be perform on the number that has been generated by ticket printer.
  • Priority call
    Allows customer calling in a jump queue manner. Able to serve up to 6 different services at the same time at a particular counter with each service having different priority level. If all services are having the same priority level, calling order will be based on First Come First Served basis.
  • Missed call
    Allows counter staff to discard the current calling number when customer fail to turn up at the counter for any reason. This will result in a more accurate reporting data as the serving time for this ticket number will not be counted in the average serving time for the staff.
  • Queue Notification SMS
    Customers or patients are allowed to leave the waiting area after registration process to go anywhere they prefer and an SMS will be sent to their mobile phone when their turn is near. This feature is particularly necessary for hospital as patients tend to wait more than 1 hour.
  • New Queue Notification
    Helps to inform counter staff that new customer is coming in looking for the service.This is to ensure your staffs do not to misstake care any customer.
  • Serving Time Reminder
    Remind counter staff to speed up service to meet target serving time. This proactive measurement helps your staffs to reduce serving time hence providing a better customer service. Comes with snooze and disable features.
  • Waiting Time Reminder
    Remind counter staff when the waiting time is too long for the customer who has not been served.
  • Transfer Queue
    The system support 2 types of transfer. Service transfer and Counter transfer
  • Store Queue
    User can choose to store the current serving number in the system and recall it later. This is particularly useful in a hospital where patient are required to take x-ray test while being diagnose by a doctor.
  • Real-time Queue Monitoring & Reports
    Displaying latest queue status of your service center including total customer waiting currently, elapsed waiting time, staff name on each counter, their average serving time on any computer that is connected to the network. A list of useful reports is available to enhance your customer service.
  • Multiple Services
    Every counter/room in the system can serve more than one service where each service is associated with dedicated priority level. The priority levels available are from 0 to 10 (larger number denotes higher priority and 0 disable the service). Service with higher priority will be called first while first come first serve basis is applied when services with same priority level.



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