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Benefit From Using PMS

  • Awareness among workers
  • Real-time production information for supervisor & manager
  • Automatic data logging
  • Accurate output records
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Remote Monitoring & Control via Computer Network

Who To Use ?

  • Manager
    By installing the PMS in the manager's room, he/she can monitor the progress of the entire production floor comfortably without leaving his/her chair.
  • Supervisor
    Assembly line supervisor can easily monitor the efficiency of the workers, hence making sure they work hard to achieve the target. Consistent efficiency among staffs help increase company profit in long run.

  • Workers
    Production workers are alert of their performance at all times by referring to the PMS installed at the production floor.

Where To Install ?

  • Assembly Line
  • Production Office
  • Production Floor
  • Warehouse



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